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Onsite Spokespeople, who is the fastest TAT people, offers professional web presenter in major languages of the world. All our web presenters are highly trained actors who can successfully represent your website to the audience. Our technologically advanced tools and equipments enable us to provide clear, fast loading, trouble free website presenter video that can compress and upload easily.

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  • ISO certified company
  • Company that has complied with rules and regulations of ISO standards.
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  • Get a Free Quote
  • A Free quote can be availed by everyone through a simple upload process.
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  • 24/7 Support
  • We offers continuous 24/7 customer support services all year around.
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  • Quick Turn Around Time
  • Narrowing down the total working time of the project.

Online Web presenter

Our online web presenter is the highlight of any website attracting more number of visitors and thereby increasing the traffic. We have a professional team of web video presenter and an experienced production team to create these videos. Right from the script, we take care of everything including the SEO aspect. All our regular clients, avail of our free quote offers.

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walk on website presenter

Our walk on website presenter can virtually walk on the websites while presenting their impressive speech. The interaction and the human touch are greatly required features for any website stuffed with content. Our Specialties, apart from our 24/7 support, are:

  1. High quality videos
  2. Best compression methods
  3. Easy and advanced playback features
  4. Video backups
  5. Compatibility with all browsers
  6. Integration in Facebook fan pages and more


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  3. Where can I find the website video presenter?



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