Aww, what happened to the kids?!!?

Aww, what happened to the kids?!!?

By Chris Kohler, IGN Staff Writer”It’s kind of a miracle, really, that all of a sudden I don’t have any kids.

I’m sort of the lone parent in the house, but I’m just so happy to be out of it.

It’s been really, really weird, but not too weird.

The kids are so amazing.”

A man named Jason is an unemployed truck driver who has never had children.

He’s living with his girlfriend, Amanda, and their daughter, who’s just been born.

His parents have always been supportive, but when he found out he’d be leaving the house for the first time in five years, they were not happy.

Jason was able to get his parents to agree to let him take her home, but he needed a ride to a friend’s house.

“I was just like, ‘How much do I have to drive?’

So I went to Craigslist and got a ride,” Jason said.

Jason had never even seen a child before, but after talking to a couple of other friends, he had a feeling he’d been in the right place.

“The guy who advertised the car, it was an old Toyota Avalon with a red hood and big windows, so it looked like a truck.

I was like, [expletive deleted].

I got the phone number of a friend, and I just called him up, and he was like ‘Oh, we have this new truck!'”

The Avalon had the same number on the back, and Jason called it.

“He called me up, like, three or four times and it never came,” Jason explained.

“Then I started calling people and people were like, oh my god, we just got this really nice new truck.

So I called another friend, a girl who’s really good at the phone, and she got on the phone with her dad, and they said, ‘Oh my God, we’re gonna have to do something crazy.'”

Jason says he was shocked, and that he was only supposed to drive the truck to a nearby trailer park.

He also says he’s not a car guy, so he wasn’t expecting a long ride, but it was about three hours to the friend’s place.

“It was an hour and a half to the place,” Jason recalled.

“It was actually pretty scary, because I thought I was going to get crushed by this truck.”

Jason and Amanda decided to try to make the best of the situation by bringing the truck home to a friends house, then making a quick stop at the friend house for dinner.

“So we’re like, this is going to be a big deal.

And they’re like ‘You’re gonna drive this truck home?'”

Amanda recalled.

Jason told Amanda about his parents’ reaction, but Amanda said she had to make up her mind.

“She said, no, I’m not letting you drive the car.

I said, well, then I’m letting you bring the kid in, and then I’ll let you get home, because that’s the least I can do for my daughter.”

The two decided to give the Avalon a quick test drive, and it went well.

Amanda said Jason had a great time with the car and drove it well.

Jason’s parents weren’t happy with the results, but they eventually agreed to let Jason drive the Avalon to the friends house.

When Jason got home, he noticed that the Avalon had some scratches and a couple more bumps, but the only thing they wanted to talk about was his driving experience.

“You know, I’ve been to a lot of bad places.

But that’s not the kind of stuff I want to talk to you about,” Amanda told him.

Jason had a quick explanation.

“I think the scratches are just scratches from the bumpy parts of the truck,” he explained.

Amanda told Jason that she had also had a bumpy experience with the Avalon, and the scratches were the result of the car bumping into another car.

“When you get into a bump, I think that’s kind a common reaction,” Amanda explained.

The two talked about how Jason’s driving experience had been similar to hers, and how she and Jason had similar experiences with the same vehicle.

Amanda even mentioned that she’d been able to make a similar discovery when she was driving a truck with a similar bumper sticker.

“And then we talked about it and then it was like I’m like, you know, okay, maybe that’s why I’m really good,” Amanda said.

“Maybe I’m a little bit more comfortable driving a Toyota Avalon.”

Jason says that he’s now very comfortable with the experience.

“For the first few weeks, I thought it was a big mistake.

I thought, ‘What’s this all about?'”

Jason said, looking back.

“But after a few weeks of really being in the truck, I kind of like the idea of it.”

Jason also discussed the emotional toll the experience has taken on him.

“When you go through something

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