How to Watch Porno News in 360° on YouTube in a VR Mode

How to Watch Porno News in 360° on YouTube in a VR Mode

In VR you can now watch porno videos in 360 degrees, like the one below.

The video above shows how it works in 360º with the Oculus Rift headset.

It’s also pretty easy to pick up in VR too, because the headset just moves you around in 360 degree view.

You can even click on the VR headset to view videos in VR.

The video above is a 360-degree video of a guy masturbating in a car park in Amsterdam.

The 360-Degree Porno Viewer VR App is available now for iOS and Android.

It uses Google Cardboard for stereoscopic 3D virtual reality (VR).

It also has built-in motion controllers.

Watch the trailer below to get an idea of what this app is like in 360-degrees.

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