When a man wants to see the most porn, he goes to a strip club

When a man wants to see the most porn, he goes to a strip club

Posted July 09, 2018 10:30:23It’s no secret that the men’s room at strip clubs is notorious for a number of issues.

It’s notorious for the crowds of women in the room and the sexual harassment that women have experienced there.

When it comes to the men, though, the room can be even more sexually charged.

According to research from a study conducted by researchers at the University of Bristol, men in the club are more likely to be sexually harassed by the staff than their female colleagues.

This research found that the majority of the men surveyed reported experiencing “sexual harassment” at the club, with some saying they were subjected to “physical contact, physical abuse, verbal abuse and other unwanted physical contact.”

When it came to their own sexual experiences, the study found that men were more likely than women to experience harassment from staff.

The study, titled “Sexual Harassment and Harassment in the Clubroom: A Study of Sexual Harassment” also found that: “Men were more frequently sexually harassed than women by staff, and this was significantly more common in the men-only area.”

The study also found “men were more frequent targets of sexual harassment” when it came down to physical contact with other male patrons.

The report states that “in a number [of cases], men were subjected either to verbal and/or physical abuse.”

A study conducted at the Royal College of Psychiatrists found that “the majority of male victims reported being sexually harassed in the nightclub” and the study also noted that “many of the assaults were perpetrated by male staff members.”

In addition to the harassment men are often subjected to, they are also often the ones who have to deal with the social fallout that comes with it.

According the research, women who have been sexually harassed at the strip club are much more likely “to report that they are unable to access health services or social supports or that they have difficulty accessing employment and support due to the situation.”

While some people may think that the social stigma that comes along with sexual harassment at strip bars can’t be that big of a deal, the research indicates that it is.

“We know that a number, many men in this study, said that the experience of sexual and physical harassment, and in particular sexual harassment by male colleagues and managers, has a significant impact on their ability to work and achieve their goals in life,” the study concluded.

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