Google’s new YouTube video policy: ‘This is about freedom of speech’

Google’s new YouTube video policy: ‘This is about freedom of speech’

Google says it has updated its YouTube video guidelines to prohibit content that incites violence against children, and banned videos promoting violence against others.

The move comes after a viral video by comedian Tyler Shields sparked a backlash from YouTube’s community guidelines team.

In the video, Shields talks about how YouTube, a popular service that lets users share videos, encourages people to make “videogames” and has been criticized for not having a policy that would address hate speech.

Shields has since been banned from YouTube and is appealing his ban.

Google said that YouTube had been working with the community guidelines and that it would continue to work with YouTube creators on the issue.

“YouTube’s community policy was developed over many years, and it is not intended to prohibit or otherwise penalize any person or group of people,” Google said in a statement to Recode.

“However, we’ve updated our community guidelines to better reflect our community’s concerns about hate speech, and to better support creators and their right to create content that is both safe and appropriate.”

It’s unclear how the change affects YouTube’s existing videos.

YouTube has had a policy banning videos that promote violence against people of color for more than three years.

That policy also covers hate speech against LGBTQ people and transgender people, but only covers videos that depict violence against them.

YouTube’s video policy has been in the works since June, when YouTube announced it would be implementing new policies to address hate crimes and bullying.

That update has yet to take effect.

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