When is the next gay video?

When is the next gay video?

A gay video chat app called Floyd George is looking for a new CEO, and the app says the company is looking to hire more than 200 people.

In an interview with CBS News, Floyd CEO Chris Sallis said that the company’s new CEO will be named in the coming weeks, but the job listing will not be made public until the company announces the hiring.

Floyd, which is based in Los Angeles, launched in October with a focus on gay sex videos.

Its apps feature videos of gay men having sex with each other.

Salliss says the app is also seeking a new chief content officer to oversee the company, which was launched with $1.6 million in funding from the Gay and Lesbian Entrepreneurs Association.

“We want to bring people together who have different backgrounds, but we also want to make sure that the app that we’re building has a diversity of content,” Sallisf says.

The app was founded by Chris Salls, an activist and the founder of the organization the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network.

Salls has been the co-founder of the group since 2013, when he cofounded the group to combat bullying and discrimination in schools.

The company’s platform is a mix of gay porn, gay sex, and gay dating.

SALLIS says Floyd is focused on a broad audience, and that the gay content is geared toward gay men who are looking to have fun.

“When you watch porn, you know what the stakes are, and you know who is going to make money off that,” Salls says.

“You can’t really see any difference between a straight guy or a straight woman.

So, we just wanted to make that clear, and we think it’s a great platform for that.”

Sallis says Floyds gay content can be found on the app and other sites like

He says the gay porn will focus on guys in their twenties, with some gay dating content as well.

Floyds videos feature gay men talking about what it’s like to be gay, and what the risks are.

Sallews also says the content will be more explicit, which Sallinsays will appeal to people who are attracted to gay men, or men who don’t have a gay partner.

“The whole idea of a gay porn is that you’re not looking at the penis or anything like that,” says Sallisls.

“What you’re looking at is guys talking about their fantasies, how they’re feeling and how they think about what they want to do to each other.”SALLIS is looking at hiring a director of marketing, as well as a content manager to run the company.

In addition, the company has hired a chief technology officer and a director for digital marketing, among other positions.

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