‘Tears’ to be shed after Indian men get hit in gay video call

‘Tears’ to be shed after Indian men get hit in gay video call

“I’ve been punched, kicked, slapped, punched and kicked by my son,” said Rajendra Singh.

“I don’t want to go on living.

He’s got his rights and I’m not.”

His 18-year-old son, Vijay, is a transgender boy and has been bullied by his peers.

He said he is scared of his peers because of his identity.

“My son is a boy.

He is the son of a man.

We are proud of him,” said Vijay.

“If we go to the police, we will not go away.

If we go back to the streets, we are not going to be a part of society.”

But Vijay said he wants to speak out against his bullying.

“They can say that it is only a case of bullying.

But we are just kids and we are scared.

I am scared that my son is going to grow up to be an extremist,” he said.”

I want to be able to walk into a school and be accepted.

That’s why I’m calling out against it.

I want my son to have the same rights as everybody else.

It is his right.

It’s not my right to humiliate my son.”

Vijay said the boy has been verbally abused by classmates.

He added: “I am a man and if I don’t have a right to be treated like that, what are they going to do to me?

We have a society where we are supposed to treat people as men.””

The government should be doing something to protect people like me,” he added.”

If I don.t feel safe, I don.’t want to come out.”

Mr Singh said he had no choice but to speak up because he had not spoken to his son since his last birthday.

“This is my son.

This is my pride.

This should be protected,” he explained.

“We need to take this matter to the government and the police.”

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