How to open your doorbell using a doorbell app

How to open your doorbell using a doorbell app

You don’t have to be a robot to open a door using your smartphone or smart doorbell.

Here are some apps and guides to get you started.


Doorbell app You can check out our guide to doorbell apps, which are available for iOS, Android, and Windows 10.


Doorbox You can buy the Doorbox app, which has an alarm and ring function, on the Apple App Store.

It also has an Android app that allows you to unlock the door.


DoorLocker You can use the DoorLock app to lock your door.

It’s available on both Android and Windows.


DoorJam You can jam your door with your smartphone to make it ring, which makes it easier to unlock your door when you’re not home.


Door Jam app You have the option of using the DoorJam app to jam your phone into your door, which works on Windows and Android.


Doorjam app You also have the choice of DoorJam’s DoorJam App, which can also be used to unlock a door. 

The DoorJam Door Jam App lets you set a timer for the first and second rings of the doorbell to ring, and you can also use the app to schedule the first ring for a specific time.


DoorLock You can lock your home with DoorLock, which allows you, the user, to lock and unlock doors from a single phone or tablet.

You can even use the software to make sure that doors don’t open automatically if you’re away.


Doorlock app You will also need the DoorLock app to set a password to unlock any door, lock a door, or unlock a device.


Door Lock app You may also need a Door Lock for a smart door.

The DoorLock is a smart device that locks and unlocks doors.

It can be found on Windows, iOS, and Android, but there’s no option for the Android version.


Doorlamp You can also set up your phone’s screen to turn on the light when you want to go into your home.

You’ll need to turn it on via a device like a Philips Hue or Samsung Galaxy. 

This app also lets you control the brightness of your home by turning your smartphone on and off.


DoorSmart DoorSmart lets you choose when your phone will be charged and also controls the LED light, which you can set for different scenes in your home or to turn off.

It is available for both Windows and iOS. 


Doorsmart app You need to use the PhoneSmart app to control your door and lock your doors.


DoorStuff You can order DoorStuffs to make a home with your phone or other devices.

You will need to select a location for your home and then add the items you want.


Door Stuff app You’ll also need to have a DoorStUFF app for your smartphone, or you can add it to your phone via the app. 


DoorSpot You can watch a video of your door opening on the internet.

You also need an app like DoorSpot to open the door remotely, and it will show you how far the door is from the outside.


Door Spot app You are also able to set up DoorSpot for your phone.

You are able to see your door open and close, and set a trigger to open it for specific times.


DoorZoom You can download the DoorZoot app, an app for controlling your doorzoom.

You have a wide range of options to set your doorzooms for different scenarios.


Doorzoom app You do have the ability to watch a YouTube video of a door opening or a live video of the opening.


DoorZone You can set a specific location to your door to trigger the door, as well as set the time the door will open.


Door Zone app You get access to the DoorZone app for iPhone and Android that can also control your phone remotely.


Doorzone app You use the DZ app to start and stop your door by using the phone’s motion sensors.

You don and can also adjust the size of your doorway.


Door Zones You can have your door unlocked remotely, so you can turn on your door at any time, or lock it at a specific timescale.


Door zones You can choose to have your home completely surrounded by a doorzone, or a set of doors, so that no one can enter or leave your home without your consent.


Doorzooms You can install the Doorzoomes app on your smartphone that gives you access to your home, allowing you to view your doors, view your neighbours and pets, and even control your lights and air conditioning.


Door Zoomes app You don

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