What is a video star? A new startup that lets kids create and share their own video stars

What is a video star? A new startup that lets kids create and share their own video stars

Hacker News is home to a growing number of innovative tech startups that allow children to create and upload their own content.

We’ve recently published a list of these startups and discussed their potential impact on kids.

Today we’re happy to announce a new video star, called Video Star.

The video star lets kids make their own videos and share them with the world.

Here’s how it works: Kids upload their videos to YouTube.

The creators get a share of a percentage of YouTube’s ad revenue, called ad dollars.

Video Star gets a share in the ad dollars earned from their videos.

Video Star takes a percentage from each YouTube ad dollar and distributes it among the creators.

When the creators decide to sell their videos, they get to sell a portion of their ad dollars to YouTube and YouTube gets a percentage for each share of ad dollars sold to them.

The videos are all available for anyone to view, share, and monetize.

We think the video star is a great way for kids to share their creativity with the rest of the world, but we’re also excited about the possibilities for the next generation of video stars.

As parents, we see the power of sharing video content to build strong, lasting relationships with our kids.

We think it’s important that these relationships last, and we hope that our new video stars will help build the kind of relationships that will help us support kids through their teen years.

The video star has three different types of creators: video makers, children, and creators.

Video makers are people who make videos for fun.

They’re often in a video studio.

Children are children who are doing what they love.

They make videos as they enjoy playing, sharing, and learning.

Creators are people whose videos get shared on YouTube and who have earned a share from YouTube ad dollars, making them more valuable to advertisers.

Kids who are creative and have strong relationships with their creators are likely to be rewarded with bigger audiences and more ad dollars in the future.

This new video-star platform could be a great model for kids who want to build a life of independent video creation.

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