Why a baby shark has the potential to save lives in India

Why a baby shark has the potential to save lives in India

An 18-month-old baby shark caught by a fisherman in Kerala has caught the attention of the country’s marine conservationists, who have raised the question of whether the baby shark could be saved by saving its mother.

The baby shark, a species of small, greenish-white sharks, was caught off the coast of the coastal town of Alanguda by a fishermen on Saturday evening.

The fisherman, a fisherman called Mani, was in the process of returning to his home after working the night shift.

He said that he spotted the baby on the sand, swimming alongside the water, and that he was not able to take any photos because of the strong current of the sea.

Mani told TOI that he went to check the baby’s head and found that it was not the baby of the mother.

He contacted the authorities and a rescue team was immediately called to the scene.

Mani said that the fisherman has taken the baby back to his village to await the recovery of the baby, but that there were no signs of the shark in the local waters.

The fisherman also told TO I that he will return to the coast later in the day and try to catch a similar shark if he sees it again.

The Alangudas government said that there are a number of sharks in the area, which is a very popular fishing spot.

“There are a lot of sharks on the coast and there are about 40 sharks in each village.

We are trying to get the local fishermen to help us in catching more sharks,” said Shubha Manikandan, minister for fisheries.

“We have a large number of fish and shells from the coast.

We want to protect the sharks by capturing more of them.

We will help them by bringing in more fish to the village.”

The government has set up a special fishing team to help with catching more fish, which has already caught about a dozen sharks.

The fishermen, who are from the town of Rajagaha, said that they have a strong connection with the area.

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