Why We’re Having Sex With This Porn Is It Real? – NRO

Why We’re Having Sex With This Porn Is It Real? – NRO

By National Geographic staffThis is a guest post by the National Geographic Society’s Deputy Editor, Dr. Paul K. Mote, who is also a professor of biology and the chair of the Department of Biology at the University of Arizona.

Dr. Motes has authored more than two dozen books and dozens of peer-reviewed papers, and is the author of “Sex: The Evolution of Sexuality,” which won the National Book Award in 2015 and “The Evolution of the Brain,” a widely-publicized study of brain development and sex.

In his new book, “Sex in the Human Body,” he explores the sexual practices of the human species, from the earliest times of humanity through modern times, and explains the evolutionary forces that have shaped our relationship with the world.

In this episode, Dr., Dr. Mott, and host Matt Gertner discuss why we’re having sex with this porn is it real?

– how human beings have evolved to have sex with each other, why we think of sex as a biological phenomenon, and why we might be having sex more often than we think.

What we’re about to hear is the latest findings from a new study that offers a new perspective on why our sex lives are so fulfilling and why, over time, we may have evolved sex as an evolutionary tool to better manage stress and stress-related illnesses, especially among people of reproductive age.

Dr.-Erik D. Moberg, a professor in the Department, and Dr. Kristina J. Stolzenberg, a psychologist in the School of Behavioral Sciences and Environmental Science at the State University of New York, at Albany, are coauthors of the study, published today in the journal Scientific Reports.

The scientists found that the presence of sex partners increases the risk of both type II diabetes and heart disease among people who are not taking hormone replacement therapy.

In contrast, the presence or absence of sex reduces the risk.

This finding is consistent with the theory of evolution that suggests that the increased risk for type II disease and heart attack are related to the stress hormone cortisol.

Dr., Dr., and host Dr. Gertners discuss how sexual practices can play a role in how sex is experienced and how that can be affected by a wide range of factors including race, socioeconomic status, age, and genetic predisposition.

What’s new:Dr. J. B. Schulze, an associate professor in psychiatry at the Yale School of Medicine and the National Institute of Mental Health, and the author, “The Sexual Mind,” is the editor-in-chief of Scientific Reports and is also the coauthor of the upcoming book, Sex in the Brain.

In addition to Dr. Stoelzenberg and Dr.-Eriksen, the other coauthors on the study were Jennifer E. Schaffer, a graduate student in psychiatry, and Robert M. Schmitt, a postdoctoral researcher at Yale School.

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