‘We’ve got to be the next Facebook’: TechCrunch

‘We’ve got to be the next Facebook’: TechCrunch

by Matt TaylorTechCrunch founder and editor-in-chief Matt Taylor says he’s “shocked” that Facebook’s video service was so popular.

“I’m surprised at how many people were willing to pay for video when Facebook was first released,” Taylor said in a phone interview.

“We’ve had to fight to make sure the content we wanted to monetize was monetized.

And the first major pushback came from the folks at Facebook who were trying to make money off of video.”

He added that Facebook has since taken a series of steps to protect its users from malware.

“They’re taking security more seriously, and they’re also taking their video platform more seriously.

They’ve been very good at it.”

While Taylor sees the rise of YouTube as a big opportunity for tech companies to compete with Google and Facebook in the video world, he also believes that companies like Google and Microsoft have an opportunity to capitalize on the growing popularity of social networks.

“Google and Facebook are huge players in the social space,” Taylor added.

“It’s not just about YouTube.

It’s not about Facebook.

It really is about a whole lot of different things.

I think it’s really important for the tech companies who have an interest in that space to take advantage of it.”

Taylor said Facebook has also been investing in its own video platform, as well as its own advertising and marketing efforts.

“Facebook is a big company and it has an incredible ad budget.

I mean, it’s bigger than Facebook, which is bigger than Twitter,” he said.”

So, they are doing a lot of things in video, but there’s still an amazing amount of competition going on.”

TechCrunch has reached out to Facebook for comment.

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