How do you keep your baby shark videos and pictures safe online?

How do you keep your baby shark videos and pictures safe online?

A mother and her son filmed a video of their baby shark diving and then uploaded it to the internet.

They used a baby shark as a bait to catch the animal and they filmed the encounter on their smartphone.

The mother, a 27-year-old from Australia, and her 21-year, male partner filmed the video while their baby, who was not involved in the hunt, was also in the water.

The shark was caught about 30 minutes into the video and was brought back to the water where it was put back in its cage for another trial dive.

The video was later posted online and the shark, which was a 1.2 metre (3ft) long, weighed around 20 kilograms (44lbs).

A spokesman for Queensland Parks and Wildlife said the mother had not been fined or reported to authorities, but that the video would be removed from the internet if it was deemed inappropriate.

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