‘I’ve never seen anything like this’: A Minecraft fan gets an iPhone 5S as a gift

‘I’ve never seen anything like this’: A Minecraft fan gets an iPhone 5S as a gift

We all know Minecraft is a massively popular game.

But its popularity has also led to some unexpected gifts.

Minecraft fans are getting a second iPhone, a fifth-generation iPhone 5s, a fourth-generation Apple TV, and even a second Apple TV 4K.

But some are still getting the game without buying a device.

For some fans, the most memorable gifts were gifts of an iPad and an iPad Mini.

“I bought an iPad 3 for my sister,” one fan said.

“I was super excited to get an iPad with Siri.”

Others had even more personal reasons for getting an iPad.

“For the first time ever I had a personal assistant on my iPad.

I’m very excited for it,” one man said.

The gift of an Apple TV is a bit of a surprise for some fans.

“The only reason I wanted an Apple tv is to have Siri,” one user said.

But for others, the Apple TV was the best gift of the year.

“We bought an Apple tablet for our daughter, and she is super into it,” another fan said, adding that she was also excited to have an iPad for her daughter.

Some fans even received an iPhone 6.

“My friend got an iPhone and got a second one for his wife,” another user said, “and they got a new Apple TV.”

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