Why do women find sex so much more arousing than men?

Why do women find sex so much more arousing than men?

By now, we all know that masturbation is a very important part of any man’s sexual life.

But why?

And are women more likely to enjoy having sex with a man who masturbates?

A new study finds that, for both sexes, women are more likely than men to find sexual stimulation pleasurable.

The study, published in the journal Sex Roles, is the first to look at how men and women view masturbation, as well as how women’s responses differ depending on how often a person does it.

The research team, led by Jennifer K. Jones, PhD, an associate professor of psychology at Cornell University, analyzed data from the U.S. National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior (NSHBIB) from 2003 to 2010.

Participants completed questions about masturbation, using the phrase “I masturbate” as a substitute for “sometimes,” “always,” “almost always,” “a lot,” “some,” “less than,” and “sometimes I masturbate.”

In the past, the researchers have found that masturbation can be a reliable predictor of subsequent sexual activity.

For example, past studies have found higher rates of masturbation among men than among women.

The new study found that women’s overall masturbation rates were highest among those who reported masturbating more than a third of the time, while men reported higher rates for both men and Women.

The NSHBIW was the only NSHBS study to investigate how masturbation rates differed between genders.

K. J. Jones and her colleagues wanted to explore how the different ways men and, particularly, women experience sexual stimulation differed from one person to another.

Jones is an associate director at the Center for Social Psychology at Cornell, where she has conducted extensive research on the nature of sexual orientation and sexual health.

The researchers were able to take advantage of the large sample size of the NSHB to compare masturbation rates across men and woman and to examine how those rates varied according to sexual orientation.

Jones analyzed data collected from 6,000 men and 6,700 women ages 18 to 55 who completed the survey in the years 2003-2010.

They then compared the responses of men and men and female and female-identified women with those of women and women who had never engaged in masturbation.

Jones found that men’s masturbation rates, as measured by the number of times a person engaged in sexual intercourse, were about the same across sexual orientation groups as women’s, with men reporting masturbating about as often as women and about half the time as men.

For women, however, their masturbation rates varied considerably.

For instance, women who reported masturbation as “almost or always” reported masturbations more than twice as often than those who did not.

Additionally, women’s masturbation rate was higher than that of men, while women’s rate of masturbation as a whole was lower than that for men.

Women who reported “sometimes” or “sometimes occasionally” reported that they masturbated more often than women who did neither of these.

The data showed that women were most likely to have masturbated as a “most often” response, indicating that women tend to masturbate less frequently than men, especially if they do not have a partner.

In contrast, men’s masturbatory rates were lowest among those men who had had sex with women more than once.

Women also reported having masturbated less frequently among those that had masturbated multiple times.

But men’s rates of sexual arousal were highest when they reported masturbation less often.

As women report more frequent masturbation as an expression of their desire for sex, they may also be less likely to be satisfied with the response that they received, the authors wrote.

For this reason, it may be more important for men to engage in sexual activity than women, Jones concluded.

Jones notes that sexual orientation is not solely determined by sexual orientation, but also by a person’s gender identity.

In the current study, her team also examined the effects of age and ethnicity on masturbation rates.

While men were more likely, as a group, to report masturbation as more frequent among white people, younger people were more prone to having masturbatory experiences, while older people were less likely.

The differences in age and race-ethnicity were not significant.

For men, their sexual arousal rate did not differ across races, and their masturbatory experience rate did differ across racial and ethnic groups.

However, for women, their rates of masturbatory orgasm were higher than those of men who reported that masturbation was less frequent.

The findings suggest that men are more sexually aroused by men they identify as straight or male, while for women their sexual experience is less likely when they identify themselves as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender.

Jones noted that these findings support the theory that women are sexual beings and should not be defined by their sexual orientation but rather by their gender identity and sexual desire.

She noted that women have a greater ability to experience sexual arousal as a result of their biological makeup

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