When is an ad-blocking software blocked?

The latest iteration of ad-blocker is an update of a product originally launched in 2015.The company is now known as Adblock Plus, and it’s being hailed as a great idea for users who are annoyed by ads.The update comes with a new name, Adblock+, and it is also available as an app on Apple devices.Adblock Plus adds a feature called […]

Video editing software banned in India

Video editing programs are widely used by journalists in India, and a crackdown on the software was announced on Thursday.The Indian government said that it was banning the software “in the interest of national security and public order.”The move comes after the government ordered police to block the software from being used by anyone working in the country.The ban came […]

Google’s new YouTube video policy: ‘This is about freedom of speech’

Google says it has updated its YouTube video guidelines to prohibit content that incites violence against children, and banned videos promoting violence against others.The move comes after a viral video by comedian Tyler Shields sparked a backlash from YouTube’s community guidelines team.In the video, Shields talks about how YouTube, a popular service that lets users share videos, encourages people to […]

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