When you’re a kid, you can be a porn star…

If you want to be a kid again, you need to stop and think about the future, because there’s no turning back now.And as a kid who grew up on Netflix and watched Teen Mom 2 and The Hills, I was already familiar with the “future” that I was trying to leave behind.I didn’t want to leave my parents behind.Not […]

Why We’re Having Sex With This Porn Is It Real? – NRO

By National Geographic staffThis is a guest post by the National Geographic Society’s Deputy Editor, Dr. Paul K. Mote, who is also a professor of biology and the chair of the Department of Biology at the University of Arizona.Dr. Motes has authored more than two dozen books and dozens of peer-reviewed papers, and is the author of “Sex: The Evolution […]

Video editing software banned in India

Video editing programs are widely used by journalists in India, and a crackdown on the software was announced on Thursday.The Indian government said that it was banning the software “in the interest of national security and public order.”The move comes after the government ordered police to block the software from being used by anyone working in the country.The ban came […]

How to find and keep the hottest gay porn stars

The Hill article A top gay porn star’s career is over after being arrested for allegedly stealing money from her co-workers, authorities said Monday.Mickey Mouse and Angelina Jolie are the only two Hollywood stars to have been arrested in the last few months for allegedly taking money from their co-stars, according to court documents.The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office […]