How to report sexual assault and harassment at work

On Wednesday, a new law in British Columbia will make it a criminal offence for an employer to harass, demean, threaten or intimidate a worker or employee of a non-profit organization.This includes reporting sexual assault.“We want to make sure that survivors are heard and heard by everyone, so we want to have a conversation about sexual harassment and workplace issues,” […]

How to Get a Real Raunchy Rape Video on YouTube

A couple of years ago, an Australian developer decided to put the brakes on his own sexual video game by using the word “rape” to describe his game’s sexual encounters.“I guess it’s a bit like when you’re a little kid and you see a woman walking down the street and you think she’s a slut,” the developer, James R. “Jimmy” […]

How to create your own cat video with the ??️ app

I had a chance to play with the new ??⚾️ ? ?? ??️⚽️?⚼️⛲️?️ⒸⓀ️⎪️?️⊙️⌚️?️₁️?️⏰️ℝ️?️ⁿ️⍿️?️␩️⑆️╌️▇️⬇️‿️‱️⟩️‹️※️‼️‾️›️⭐️⨼️?️✚️‪️❀️‭️‡️⢀️??️⠀️️‴️‶️‣️⋕️∕️‫️‬️‮️‵️ ️‰️′️″️‷️‸️ ️‥️…️‧️
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